Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2014 (Europe)

Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2014 (Europe)

Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2014 BrochureOn November 19-20 we will be attending the Sustainable Supply Chain Summit in London,UK together with our colleagues from

The key themes being addressed include:

  • Embed Sustainability: Fuse CSR and sustainability into procurement and supply chain to future-proof your viability as a business
  • Minimise Environmental Footprint: Measure the environmental impact of your value chain and adjust your business to create environmentally sustainable products and circular economies
  • Elevate Monitoring Systems and Standards: Overcome the issues of complexity and size, learn how to elevate your monitoring to a supply chain level for efficient and scalable value chain transparency
  • Develop Suppliers Effectively: Induce real change in supplier managerial practices by moving to enterprise capacity development and best practice supplier training
  • Collaborate Meaningfully: Maximise leverage and scalability of your sustainability initiatives by coalescing with other companies and stakeholders in areas of mutual interest


The list of speakers include:

Godefroy Motte
Senior VP, Integrated Supply Chain and Chief Regional & Sustainability Officer, Eastman Chemical Company

Louise Nicholls
Head of Responsible Sourcing, Marks & Spencer

Mercedes Tallo
Director, Sustainable Value Chains & Markets, Rainforest Alliance

Dirk Jan de With
Vice President, Procurement Ingredients & Sustainability, Unilever

Donna Westerman
Vice President, Responsible Sourcing, Mars Inc.

Kate Larsen
Director, Social Responsibility, Children’s Place

Tobias Fischer
Relations Sustainability Director, H&M

Luis Neves
Executive Vice President, Group Climate Change and Sustainability Officer, Deutsche Telekom

Madeleine Fries
Head of Responsible Sourcing, Ericsson

Zoe McMahon
Director, Global Social & Environmental Responsibility, HP

Tessa Wernink
Director of Communcations, Fairphone

Giles Bolton
Ethical Trading Director, Tesco

Ian Hope-Johnstone
Director, Agriculture Sustainability, PepsiCo

Dirk Voeste
Vice President, Sustainability Strategy, BASF

Pat Venditti
Senior Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace

Tim Brooks
Senior Director Environmental Sustainability, Lego

Jacqueline Macalister
Senior Manager, Sustainable Supply, McDonalds

Rosey Hurst
Founder and Director, Impactt

Mike Barry
Director, Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer

Dick Bartelse
Global Procurement Director, AkzoNobel

Anita Househam
Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability, UN Global Compact

Anna Swaithes
Head of Water and Food Security Policy, SABMiller

Agenda and more info

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