ISM Sustainability and Social Responsibility Conference 2011

ISM Sustainability and Social Responsibility Conference 2011

On November 7-8, the team will participate in the 4th Annual ISM Sustainability and Social Responsibility Conference in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Some of the topics that we are looking forward to hearing more about:

Building on Shared Values to Achieve an Ethical World

Dr. Rushworth M. Kidder, President and Founder, Institute for Global Ethics

As supply professionals interfacing with differing cultures, we often find ourselves asking, “What’s the right thing to do?” This powerful and dynamic session helps us understand that, despite the complexities of today’s global economy, we all share a universal set of core values that guides our decision making around social responsibility, human rights, and sustainable solutions. Discover how to resolve tough right-versus-right dilemmas, how moral courage helps us take action when our values are put to the test, and how we can build a culture of integrity in our organization that outlasts the individuals currently working there. Be prepared to raise your own questions during the Q&A.

Navigating the Ever-Evolving Sustainability Ratings, Rankings and Reporting Landscapes

Margie P. Flynn, Principal and Co-owner, BrownFlynn

Reporting on sustainability is an important way for organizations to manage the impact on sustainable development. Which sustainability ratings and rankings matter most? How do you know which sustainability reporting framework is most valuable? And, why should you care about these ever-evolving landscapes? Look for answers to these questions and discover how companies can enhance their brand and reputation by staying abreast of changes and new opportunities in these important areas.

P&G’s Supplier Environmental Sustainability Scorecard: Collaborating for Footprint Reduction and Sharing Ideas

Larry Loftus, Director Global Purchases Capability and Strategy, Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble share its highly successful supplier environmental sustainability scorecard and process. Hear how the scorecard came about and the results it has achieved. Discover the key findings and challenges, and how you can apply the scorecard to your supply chain. Find out where you can get a copy of the scorecard and all related training materials to use in your organization.

Intel Procurement’s Experience in Establishing a Comprehensive Sustainability Program

Jackie Sturm, VP, Technology and Manufacturing Group and General Manager of Worldwide Materials, Intel Corporation

Many companies struggle to respond to growing sustainability expectations from customers, NGOs, and investors. Procurement is typically at the center of these efforts and has the ability to enable company success through its influence with both internal partners as well as the external supply chain. Learn about Intel Procurement’s experience in responding to sustainability challenges in both direct and indirect materials activities.

Supply Management’s Critical Role in Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Regina O. Edwards, J.D., Director, Supply Chain Compliance, MeadWestvaco
Drew Schramm, Senior VP, Global Supply & Logistics, Herman Miller, Inc.

Cathy A. Rodgers, Vice President, Global Opportunities and Business Development, IBM Global Services

Supply managers often find themselves in leadership roles to develop corporate responsibility and decision making policy. Hear from a panel of experts as they describe their experiences in driving sustainability initiatives, as well as the impact and future of social responsibility programs in their organizations.

Join us to the conference…

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